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Ideas in Action with Jim Glassman

2010-2012 | Distribution: Broadcast/Internet/OTT
The weekly public television series on ideas and their consequences. Each half-hour edition presents an examination of trends, conditions, and data at the heart of the important issues of the day. Viewers engage with a diverse group of economists, historians, anthropologists, political scientists, demographers, and social philosophers, as well as authorities from many other disciplines.

A Matter of Leadership

2012 | Distribution: Broadcast/Internet/OTT/DVD
A one-hour documentary look at how principals are making a critical difference in reducing the high school drop-out rate. Presented as part of the CPB programming initiative, “American Graduates: Let’s Make It Happen.” With host Jim Glassman

It's More Than A Game

2010 | Distribution: On Demand/Internet/OTT/DVD
Youth sports today are more competitive than ever before. With travel leagues, skills camps and an increased focus on winning, kids are feeling the pressure to perform, instead of enjoying the joy of the game. Hosted by Hollywood actor and youth coach Sean Astin, this series presents practical tips and strategies from experts, coaches, parents and athletes for how to give youth sports back to the youth.

Shaun White: Wizard of Winter Games

2010 | Distribution: Broadcast/Internet/OTT/DVD
A one-hour Sportskool documentary profile of the Olympic snowboarding champion, including exclusive interview footage as well as behind-the-scenes footage of training and competition.

First Steps

2009 | Distribution: Cable/Internet/DVD
A six-part series produced for the Tharwa Foundation, a US non-profit group working to bring peaceful democratic change to Syria. Produced in Arabic, the series incorporates raw citizen journalist video from inside Syria into news packages, followed by a studio discussion. Hosted by Syrian dissident Ammar Abdulhamid, each 30-minute episode explores topics related to democratic and social change within Syria. Distributed by satellite, internet and other means directly to Syrians.

Sportskool Supersessions

2009 | Distribution: On Demand/Cable
Thirteen half-hour programs for syndication featuring some of Sportskool's most famous coaches including Mia Hamm, Doug Flutie, Tony Gwinn and Misty May Trainor.

Think Tank With Ben Wattenberg

2004 - 2010 | Distribution: Broadcast/Internet/DVD
The weekly PBS series on ideas and public policy.

Fighting Words

2008 | Distribution: Broadcast
A one-hour PBS autobiography of Ben Wattenberg, including interviews with Patrick Buchanan, Midge Decter, E.J. Dionne, Francis Fukuyama, Christopher Hitchens, Joshua Muravchik, James Q. Wilson and James Woolsey.

The Real Economy

2008 | Distribution: Broadcast
A one-hour PBS documentary on the mismeasurement of the American economy

Closer To Truth

2008 | Distribution: Broadcast/Internet
A 39-part television series and website on the cosmos, consciousness and God, hosted by Robert L. Kuhn

Project Happiness

2008 | Distribution: Theatrical/Internet/DVD
A feature-length documentary film on high school students who travel to India to meet the Dalai Lama

Moneywise with Kelvin Boston

2002-2007 | Distribution: Broadcast/Internet
The PBS series featuring real-life personal finance stories and expert advice.

Church & State

2006 | Distribution: Cable
One-hour documentary on religion and the law, from the founding fathers to the present Supreme Court for The Fox News Channel

Baseball's Secret Formula

2006 | Distribution: Cable
One-hour Discovery Science documentary on Sabermetrics and the use of statistics in professional baseball management, featuring Bill James

Wine, Food & Friends with Karen MacNeil

2005 | Distribution: Broadcast/Internet/DVD
The public television series on wine and food pairing produced in association with Cooking Light magazine. Companion book published by Oxmoor Press.

Heaven on Earth: The Rise & Fall of Socialism

2005 | Distribution: Broadcast/DVD
A three-hour PBS documentary series exploring one of the most powerful political ideas in history, why it rose and ultimately failed. Based on the book by Joshua Muravchik

Financial Insecurity: Facing America's Crisis in Healthcare & Retirement

2005 | Distribution: Broadcast
A one-hour public television special on challenges facing employers and employees

Traveling Smart with Rudy Maxa

2002 | Distribution: Broadcast
A one-hour television presentation for before a studio audience featuring National Public Radio's original Savvy Traveler. For PBS.

The Big Band Sound of WWII

2008 | Distribution: Broadcast/DVD
A one-hour televised concert event and companion CD featuring the 30-piece Eric Felten Jazz Orchestra and a houseful of swing dancers. With special guest Mary Cleere Haran.

Art Under The Radar

2001 | Distribution: Broadcast/DVD
A one-hour PBS documentary on the movement to revive representational painting in modern art.

The Giving Boom

2001 | Distribution: Broadcast/DVD
A one-hour PBS documentary on new trends in philanthropy.

The First Measured Century

2001 | Distribution: Broadcast/Internet/DVD
A three-hour PBS documentary series on the impact of social science on the last hundred years of American life, with host Ben Wattenberg. Companion book published by the AEI Press.

Orchid Delirium

2000 | Distribution: Broadcast/DVD
A light-hearted look at orchids and orchid collectors through the experience of two of the world's premiere orchid expositions.

Implode! Building Trust, Teamwork and Communications with 10,000 Tons of TNT

2000 | Distribution: DVD
A fifteen-minute motivational tape that demonstrates the importance of communications skills by going on-location with the world's foremost demolition team.

Omnibus: Television's Golden Age

2000 | Distribution: DVD
A ninety-minute PBS retrospective on the historic television series featuring music, dance, drama and comedy with Alistair Cooke and Hume Cronyn

Animal Planet Heroes: Hurricane Rescues and Hurricane Reunions

2005 | Distribution: Cable
Two one-hour documentaries on heroic efforts to save pets in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and reunite them with their owners. Produced for Animal Planet (2005)

The Stockholder Society

1999 | Distribution: Broadcast/DVD
A one-hour PBS documentary on the social and political impact of today's growing participation in the stock market.

Deja Vu All Over Again: The Life of Yogi Berra

1999 | Distribution: Broadcast/On Demand/Cable/DVD
A one-hour PBS biography of the great baseball player with host Bob Costas.

Expressions of Common Hands

1999 | Distribution: Broadcast/DVD
A one-hour PBS documentary on the folk art of the Pennsylvania Dutch.

Faith & Reason

1998 | Distribution: Broadcast/DVD
A one-hour PBS documentary on science and religion narrated by journalist and author Margaret Wertheim.

America Is Number One: What Next

1998 | Distribution: Broadcast
A one-hour PBS special on US foreign policy in the wake of the Cold War.

Edith Piaf: La Vie En Rose

1998 | Distribution: Broadcast
A PBS biography of the great cabaret singer featuring 16 of her greatest songs, hosted by Broadway and television star Bebe Neuwirth.

Follow The Money

1997 | Distribution: Broadcast
The 26-part weekly PBS series covering the Senate campaign finance hearings, co-hosted by Ray Suarez and Gail Harris.

The Grandchild Gap

1997 | Distribution: Broadcast
A one-hour documentary on global demographic trends and the consequences of declining birth rates in developed countries.

Can the States Do It Better?

1996 | Distribution: Broadcast
A one-hour special edition of Think Tank on devolving power from Washington back to the states.

Affirmative Action: The History of An Idea

1996 | Distribution: Broadcast
A one-hour special edition of Think Tank on the origins, growth and transition of affirmative action programs from the 1960s to the present.

A Third Choice

1996, updated and re-aired in 2000 | Distribution: Broadcast/DVD
A one-hour PBS history of third parties and independent candidates in American politics.

The Hammond Harwood House: A Jewel of Annapolis

1996 | Distribution: DVD
A fifteen-minute video tour of this historic Maryland house.

The Germans: Portrait of A New Nation

1995 | Distribution: Broadcast/DVD
A one-hour PBS documentary marking the fifth anniversary of German reunification.

Values Matter Most

1995 | Distribution: Broadcast/DVD
A one-hour television essay on American politics for PBS based on the book by Ben Wattenberg.

Notre Dame: Witness To History

1995 | Distribution: Broadcast/DVD
A one-hour documentary on the great French cathedral and the history, literature, and myth that surround it.

Labyrinth: The History Of The Maze

1995 | Distribution: Broadcast/DVD
A one-hour documentary tracing the development of the maze in religion, art, horticulture, and architecture.

Gargoyles: Guardians Of The Gate

1994 | Distribution: Broadcast/DVD
A one-hour documentary exploring the legends, architectural significance, and symbolism of gargoyles.